British Soccer's Self-described 'Yid Army' Gets Another Shpritz of anti-Semitism

Opposing fan arrested at Tottenham Hotspur game on 'suspicion of racially aggravated offense.'

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Tottenham Hotspur fans.Credit: Reuters

The long history of anti-Semitic abuse against London's Tottenham Hotspur soccer team hasn't abated, as seen in the arrest of an opposing fan for alleged anti-Jewish outbursts during a team match this week, CNN reports.

The offending spectator, 57, was arrested while sitting in the visiting Southampton fans' section of Tottenham's White Hart Lane stadium on Sunday. He was reported to police by two Southampton fans, charged for "suspicion of a racially aggravated offense," and later released on bail.

Tottenham has long been identified with Britain's Jewish soccer fans, and this has frequently attracted the rankest sort of Jew-hatred at games. To this day rival fans are heard to chant, "The Yids are going to Auschwitz," and hissing in imitation of the sound of gas being released.

In defiance of their tormentors, Tottenham fans have dubbed themselves the "Yid Army," and are wont to chant, "Yiddos, Yiddos" at games. This has confused England's PC-set; three Tottenham supporters were arrested late last year for raising this chant at games. The charges were dropped early this month, though, as prosecutors decided that under the circumstances, the expressions could not be considered "threatening, abusive or insulting."

It was not disclosed what the fan at Sunday's game with Southampton was shouting, but it was said to be something more grievous than any derivation of "Yid."

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