Top Six Reasons Why I Hate Hamas

Because it is a cruel, defiant, hate-filled terrorist group that has murdered hundreds, terrorized millions, undermined peace and infected Israeli society with its evil.


6. Because Hamas is a cruel, fanatic, fundamentalist, reactionary, totalitarian, misogynistic, Holocaust denying, human rights-abusing, anti-democratic, anti-American, anti-Western, anti-Christian, anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic movement that embraces terror, sanctifies martyrdom, glorifies death and condemned the killing of Osama bin Laden.

5. Because Hamas abuses Palestinians, denies their civil rights, incites them to hatred, imposes Sharia law, bans books, stifles freedoms and oppresses women. Because it puts Palestinians in harm's way, uses them as human shields, views their suffering as a strategic asset and regards their death, the more the better, as a great victory for the cause.

4. Because, given a game-changing opportunity as the first truly if not wholly independent Palestinian regime with imperfect but nonetheless genuine autonomy, Hamas not only failed to carry out the first obligation of a government to work for the betterment of its people, but also squandered a chance to turn Gaza into a springboard for complete Palestinian independence in the West Bank and Gaza along the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.

If Hamas had devoted the eight years that it has been in power since Israel’s disengagement to building a prosperous and thriving Gaza, it would not only have improved the lives of Palestinians but would have provided a powerful and irresistible argument for further Israeli withdrawals and greater Palestinian empowerment. Instead, by making Gaza into a rocket-launching, tunnel-digging, terrorist-training and hatred-spewing garrison state, Hamas turned Israelis and many of their supporters abroad against further concessions and thus condemned Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza to many more years of oppression and despair.

3. Because Hamas is a true enemy of peace. Because its longstanding and successful campaign of undermining any and all negotiated agreements began over 20 years ago, after the Oslo Accords, when its first in a series of suicide bombings inflamed Israeli public opinion and sparked the fire that would eventually consume Yitzhak Rabin and went on from there to undercut Shimon Peres’ and pave the way for Oslo-hating Benjamin Netanyahu's rise to power. Because its suicide bombings at the start of the last decade and its incessant rocket fire ever since have continued to erode Israeli support for peace and to turn its adherents into a now endangered minority.

2. Because Hamas is responsible for the wanton killing of hundreds of innocent Israeli civilians, the maiming of thousands, the emotional ruin of tens of thousands and the terrorizing of millions. Because it is a homicidal terrorist group that targets innocent Israeli men, women and children; because it brought murder and mayhem to Israeli towns and cities; because it blew up buses, destroyed shopping malls, decimated restaurants, detonated hotel lobbies and purposely pinpointed young teens at a Tel Aviv disco in order to tear out Israel’s heart and turn it to black.

1. Because Hamas’ fanatic rejectionism and dogmatic all-or-nothingism has enfeebled proponents of peace and empowered its resistors; because its malicious cruelty and waves of terror have embittered Israelis and made them cold; because its suicide bombings and inhuman destruction of human life have traumatized and scarred a generation of Israelis, especially the younger. Because brutality begets savagery and barbarity spawns wickedness and ruthlessness erases compassion and fosters callousness instead.

Because although the occupation itself has hardened Israeli hearts and turned them callous, it is Hamas that planted the seed of the poisoned plant that is now infecting Israeli society with chauvinism and ethnocentrism and intolerance and racism and bloodthirstiness and anti-democratic tendencies. Because the more Hamas’ persists in its horrid ways, the greater the danger that Israel will follow in its path.

Because Israel, alas, has proven too weak to withstand Hamas’ satanic pull. Because, if it isn’t stopped, it will soon be hard to tell the two apart. And because, I suspect, that will suit Hamas just fine.