Terrorist Who Killed Israeli Arrested in West Bank

Shin Bet says several other Palestinians involved in attacks apprehended in Ramallah area.

Gili Cohen
Gili Cohen
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Danny Gonen. Screenshot from Facebook.
Gili Cohen
Gili Cohen

The Shin Bet security service says the terrorist who committed the attack at the spring near the Dolev settlement in which Danny Gonen was murdered in June has been arrested. On Wednesday, the Shin Bet permitted it to be reported that in the past weeks a number of Palestinians from the Ramallah area who admitted they were involved in the June shooting attack, as well as several other shooting attacks, have been apprehended.

The Shin Bet statement says that Mohammad Abu Shahin, 39, from the Qalandiyah refugee camp, carried out the shooting attack at Ein Bubin. Abu Shahin went to the spring a few times prior to the attack to gather intelligence on the presence of Israelis in the area, and in 2014 also committed another six shooting attacks.

Abu Shahin, who has done time in Israeli prison for involvement in stabbing and shooting attacks, is considered a Tanzim militant who was previously part of Force 17 and receives a regular salary from the Palestinian Authority. He was arrested two weeks ago in the course of a brigade operation in Kafr ‘Aqab.

According to an IDF spokesperson, he was arrested by the police counterterrorism unit Yamam, in an action in which a Duvdevan unit, the Netzah Yehuda battalion and an artillery battalion also took part.

Abu Shahin was supplied with ammunition by another Qalandiyah resident, Amjad Adwan, another Tanzim member who has been in an Israeli prison. The Shin Bet says that Adwan also served as the lookout for several more shooting attacks committed by Abu Shahin. The two, along with Ashraf Amar, who was also arrested and is part of PA military intelligence, planned to carry out another attack similar to the one near Dolev, but had not yet done so.

Also among those arrested was Asama Asad, another Tanzim member who was released in the Gilad Shalit deal. The Shin Bet says that Asad hid in his house the gun that was used in the attack at the spring “and was aware, after the fact, of Abu Shani’s involvement in the Ein Bubin attack and other attacks.”

Another Palestinian resident of the refugee camp, Mohammed Adwan, was also arrested for hiding the gun used in the attacks. In the course of the arrests, the gun and more ammunition were turned in.

The Shin Bet says that the men arrested for involvement in the terror attack and hiding the gun that was used admitted to their involvement in a number of other shooting attacks, including one near A-Ram last November in which an IDF soldier was wounded.