Israeli Taxman Robbed Suspected Dodgers, Police Say

Michael Shoshan, crime-fighter, allegedly used confidential information in the suspects' files to lift their cash, jewelry and electronics.

The head of an Israeli tax and crime-fighting investigative team has been indicted on a string of charges including breaking and entering, theft, forgery, and fraud.

According to the charges, Modi'in resident Michael Shoshan, 44, broke into the Rishon Letzion home of one of the subjects under investigation. There, using information gleaned from the file, he stole NIS 60,000 in cash along with expensive jewelry, two HP laptops, two Samsung Galaxy smartphones, a camcorder, and a digital camera.

During the investigation Shoshan is also alleged to have entered the police crime-fighting unit's exhibit storeroom and taken a large number of items. According to the indictment, seized checks were forged – either by Shoshan himself or someone else acting on his behalf – for amounts totaling millions of shekels and deposited in his personal bank accounts. After the owner of the checkbooks cancelled the checks, Shoshan allegedly sent him a threatening text message.

Shoshan was placed on leave from his unit in May due to irregularities in conduct. According to the charges, while on leave he visited the premises of money changers and, falsely passing himself off as a tax inspector, stole money from them, some of which was found later in his possession.

In light of a police request that he be kept under custody, Shoshan has remained silent during the interrogations.

"The tax authority views acts like these attributed to an employee of the authority with great severity and will deal harshly against any similar case as part of its policy of exposing and stamping out any violation of integrity that may exist," the tax authority said in response.