Hottest Night in Five Years Stifles Israel, as Temperatures Hit Record High

Winds of Middle East drive temperatures in Israel higher and higher.


From Sunday evening to Monday morning was one of the hottest nights in the last five years in many regions of the country, with the coastal plain reaching the highest temperatures ever recorded for the early morning hours.

According to the Israel Meteorological Service, it was 29 degrees Celsius on the coastal plain at 5:00 A.M., the highest minimum temperature on record for that hour. According to the Meteo-tech forecast company, in some parts of the country it was 29 degrees at that hour, with 85 percent humidity, creating extreme heat stress. In Safed overnight temperatures reached 30.1 degrees, breaking a record high from 1930.

Monday saw a drop of roughly one degree in temperatures on the coastal plain, and three degrees in Jerusalem. Humidity in many areas continued to stay high, however. On Sunday the temperature in the Jordan Valley reached 49 degrees, matching the record for that area, according to the Israel Meteorological Service.

The oppressively hot weather is due to a change in wind currents. Ordinarily northwesterly winds from the sea help reduce the heat in Israel at this time of year. But in the last few days the country has been subjected to northeasterly winds, bringing desert heat from Jordan and Iraq.

The extreme heat and humidity will continue on Tuesday and Wednesday. Northwesterly winds will bring a gradual reduction in temperature and humidity on Thursday.

Gil Eliahu