Thunderstorms and Lightning Herald a Wet Shavuot Holiday

The rainy weather that disrupted flights on Monday is expected to dampen the springtime festivities.

Heavy showers accompanied by thunder and lightning fell yesterday afternoon and evening in various locations throughout the country. The cold, rainy weather is expected to continue into Shavuot, tonight and Wednesday. There are chances of flooding in the Negev.

According to the Meteo-Tech meteorological service, rain fell in Arad, Jerusalem, the Dan region, Ma’alot and Haifa among other areas, after a relatively warm day during which temperatures reached 29 degrees in Tel Aviv.

The rain disrupted flight schedules at Ben-Gurion International Airport, where showers and lightning led officials to delay takeoffs so incoming planes could land as soon as possible. The airport is still using only one runway due to ongoing work on the other runways.

Today is expected to be cool, with temperatures five-to-seven degrees lower than yesterday in most locations. Intermittent rain is possible through the afternoon, primarily in the north of the country, but by nightfall the rain will intensify and spread to the center. It may be hazy in the south.

Tomorrow there will be periodic showers from the north to the center of the country with thunderstorms possible, and it will be unseasonably cool. Rain is also expected in the Negev, and there could be flooding in the southern and eastern streambeds. The rain will ease off by nighttime.

On Thursday it will be partly cloudy and temperatures will rise, but still be unseasonably cool. 

Eliyahu Hershkovitz