Israeli Soldier Aims Gun at Teen in Video Clip

Video posted online shows confrontation between soldiers and Palestinians in Hebron.

A video clip showing a Nahal Brigade soldier cocking his weapon at a Palestinian teenager in Hebron, and later threatening to “put a bullet in the head” of another Palestinian photographing the incident was posted online by a Palestinian activist organization called Youth Against Settlements.

The video was posted both to YouTube (under the name “attemtion to shoot a minor” [sic]) and on the organization’s Facebook page, and was apparently taken within the past few days. As a result of the incident, the soldier, from Battalion 932, will be reassigned.

In the video, one sees a confrontation between the soldier and several Palestinian youths near Beit Hadassah in Hebron, which began when one of the youths started goading the soldier and touched him. The soldier says, “It doesn’t pay for you to do that again,” and then the two shove each other and the soldier cocks his gun at the youth. Another Palestinian joins the confrontation, and the soldier points his weapon at both of them and tries to kick them.

The soldier then turns to another Palestinian, who is photographing the incident, and says, “Turn off the camera, turn off the camera, I’ll put a bullet in your head, you son of a bitch.” In a response, the Israel Defense Forces Spokesman’s Office said, “IDF forces that operate in Judea and Samaria and are responsible for maintaining security in the area must cope daily with a complex reality that demands professionalism, determination and good judgment. The behavior of the soldier in the video was aberrant and does not meet the expectations of him. The matter will be investigated.”

The army later said that the soldier would be removed from his position.