Mother of Murdered Girls From Bedouin Town Sues Police

Abir Dandis tried to warn police that she feared her ex-husband would kill the girls, but was turned away.

The mother of the two murdered Bedouin girls from Al-Fura’a has filed a civil suit against the police and the Public Security Ministry for failing to prevent the death of her daughters.

Just one day before the murder of her children, Abir Dandis, the mother of Asinad, 2, and Ramais, 3, tried to warn Arad police that she feared her ex-husband would kill the girls, but was turned away.

“The police caused the death of my daughters due to their indifference and condescending approach,” Dandis’ attorney wrote, arguing that the girls’ deaths would have been prevented if police had treated her seriously. “Their approach was insulting and harmful, indifferent, vain, rude, lazy and reckless, involving lack of willingness to aid citizens and use their authority − the mother believed that her complaints would be addressed by police and prevent the criminal from carrying out the horrendous crime.”

Police are still searching for the father, M., who has been named the prime suspect in the case. Four weeks after the murder, dozens of policemen and Shin Bet security agents are still trying to track him down. Three weeks ago police arrested a man in Lod, thinking he was the father, but released him after realizing he was not.

In Al-Fura’a, residents still don’t understand how the father escaped or have any idea where he’s hiding. “The family is devastated; now they’re all being treated by the social services,” said Salame Kaboua, the village head.”The situation in the town is very difficult. The residents are still in shock that such a thing could happen here.”

“Apprehending the murder suspect is a top priority in the Negev district, we carry out daily actions with the hope of tracking him down. Every piece of information is examined closely,” a source in the police told Haaretz.

Oren Nachshon