Israel Police Rocked by Second Scandal Involving Sexual Harassment

Just a day after the Pinto scandal breaks, details emerge about an investigation against high-ranking police officer, which has since closed.

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In a second recent case of alleged misconduct involving the top ranks of the Israel Police, the Justice Ministry has decided to close an investigation into sexual harassment claims made by a female officer in the force against a major general who was her superior. The investigation was closed after the alleged victim decided not to file an official complaint.

The news follows ongoing reports of a case involving Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, a charismatic rabbi who splits his time between the United States and Israel, who allegedly bribed Menashe Arbiv, the head of the Lahav 433 serious and international crime investigations unit.

The alleged sexual harassment was said to have occurred several weeks ago, when both parties were alone in a motor vehicle together. After the alleged incident, the woman requested an immediate transfer to another unit and asked to have no further professional contact with the major general. The transfer request puzzled personnel officials, in part because the woman was due for a promotion a week after the request was filed.

When senior officials in personnel asked the alleged victim about the urgency of her transfer request, she reportedly broke down and gave her account of the incident. The information was passed on to the Justice Ministry’s department for the investigation of police officers, but as noted the investigation has been closed.

Illustration: Israel Police.Credit: Daniel Bar-On

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