Settler Advocacy Group Posts Video Mocking Kerry

YouTube video portrays Kerry offering to build new Western Wall near the beach and replacing the army with camera that would shame terrorists.

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An Israeli pro-settlement advocacy group posted a parody video this week portraying U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry as someone who is willing to write off Israel's security and its claims to sacred sites in order to reach any solution he can on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The YouTube video, which features Kerry offering to build a new Western Wall near the beach and replacing the army with a camera that would shame terrorists instead of killing them, is one of a series produced by My Israel, a nationalist advocacy group that works with the Yesha Council of settlements to put out a right-wing pro-Israel message on social media.

The latest video comes amid recent opposition in Israel to Kerry’s efforts to achieve a peace agreement, including 11 visits to the region in the past year. Earlier this week, A group of rabbis warned Kerry in a letter to cease his pursuit of the peace process between or face divine retribution. In January, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon’s called Kerry “obsessive and messianic." He subsequently apologized for “insulting” the Secretary of State. Kerry was also criticized by cabinet ministers this week after saying at security conference in Munich that Israel could face growing international boycotts if peace talks with the Palestinians fail.

In the video, a man playing Kerry is shown touring the Western Wall. Taking a stab at the claims of other religions on the site, he says it is holy to "Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Klingons and hobbits," and then offers to replace it. "What I'm saying is, why fight over an old wall? I'll build you a brand-new wall, close to the beach," he says.

As he tours the Jordan Valley, My Israel's Kerry warns against being "fixated on the old paradigms, as if only the Israeli army can defend Israel." Instead, he suggests using a camera that would immediately upload photographs of terrorists onto the Internet.

"This little camera I'm holding here creates a mighty psychological barrier," he says in the parody. "For any terrorist who tried to infiltrate Israel, the moment a terrorist passes, bang, [it] takes his picture, uploads immediately to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, creates the kind of shaming no terrorist can handle."

And as the fake Kerry speaks to Israeli passersby, he tells a motorcyclist: "It's very good you have a helmet, you know. Soon there'll be a lot of rockets."

The current video continues a theme expressed in a My Israel video from January, in which the same actor advertises the company John Kerry Solutions Ltd., offering solutions that do nothing but make matters worse. The Kerry of this video suggests that a man use a hedgehog instead of toilet paper and wear a pink tutu to allow air to circulate in the "conflict areas." When the man is jobless and living on the street, Kerry offers him some cash, saying, "Some American assistance?"

The anti-Semitism accusations aimed at John Kerry by some right-wing Israeli politicians did him no real harm.Credit: AFP