Sara Netanyahu in Interview to German Daily: Bibi Is My Best Friend

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While Germany's Der Spiegel revealed details of the Israel-Germany Dolphin submarine deal, it turns out that they left out one important detail: Israel's first lady, Sara Netanyahu, gave an exclusive, in-depth, interview to the Sunday edition of the German tabloid Bild, during which the first lady told the newspaper that Israel's prime minister is "best friend."

Benjamin Netanyahu "is not just my husband, he is also my best friend," Sarah told the tabloid.

After two days with Sara, the newspaper is boasting that, while many people talk about her, few journalists have had the opportunity to speak to her.

The German daily spent two whole days with the prime minister's wife, both in Jerusalem and on travels throughout Israel.

"We saw first-hand how she strikes a balance between her public and private life, her family and her public activities," Bild said.

The interview will be published fully on June 10, but Bild has already unveiled its conclusion: "Bild had the opportunity to sit with a woman who has been demonized for some time by the Israeli press, in order to find out who she really is. We found a woman who is merciful and intelligent, who dedicates herself to supporting her husband," Bild said.

"She is an expert child psychologist, the owner of a masters degree from the Hebrew University, a woman who works in the Jerusalem municipality, mother to two sons (Yair, 20, and Avner, 17), dedicated to her career, to her family, and to her nation," Bild added.

Prime Minister Netanyahu himself gave an in-depth interview to TIME magazine's managing editor, Rick Stengel last month. Stengel, who spent two days interviewing Netanyahu, crowned Israel's prime minister "King Bibi."

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Screen shot from shows the Bild's teaser for interview with Sara Netanyahu.