Reykjavik Drops Boycott of Israeli Products, Adopts Boycott of Settlement Goods

The capital of Iceland caused uproar last week when it passed a resolution to boycott all products made in Israel.


The mayor of Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, announced Saturday that a motion passed by the city council this week to boycott Israeli products is to be withdrawn. Mayor Dagur Eggertsson said in a radio interview that the city will instead  only boycott goods made in the settlements.

“I have stated that it should have been made much clearer in the text [that only products from territories occupied by Israel should be boycotted], although that’s what we had in mind," the mayor said. "I will suggest to the city council that the motion the way it reads now be withdrawn while we discuss the next steps and how to present it."

Eggertsson said that he had underestimated the response the motion, which was pass Tuesday, would get across Iceland and the world. 

The Israeli Foreign Ministry and several Jewish organizations slammed the Reykjavik municipality for the decision to boycott all products made in Israel. The government of Iceland distanced itself from the motion, with Prime Minister Sigmundur Daví Gunnlaugsson calling it “ridiculous.”