Pro-Israel, pro-Palestinian Demonstrators Clash Violently in Los Angeles

Federal officer fires gun trying to break up street confrontation over Israeli-Gaza fighting; no one injured, four arrested.


Hundreds of pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian demonstrators clashed in Los Angeles on Sunday, and a federal officer trying to break it up fired a shot from his gun, sheriff's officials said. Nobody was hurt.

The demonstration, which drew several hundred people to Westwood, near UCLA, was breaking up when pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian supporters began to clash.

Witnesses said the confrontation included a scuffle between the pro-Israel protesters and men who drove past the protest in a truck displaying a Palestinian flag, KNBC-TV reported.

A man in the truck said the Palestinian flag was ripped away. When the truck's occupants attempted to retrieve the flag, there was a struggle, witnesses said.
The officer, attached to the Federal Protective Service, the security police division of the Department of Homeland Security, sought to intervene and fired once, the sheriff's statement said.

Four people were arrested, officials said.

Sunday's rally followed a similar one Saturday in support of Palestinians.