Son of Popular Israeli-born Evangelist Among Victims of Downed Malaysian Jet

27-year-old Ithamar Avnon was the son of Dov Arnon, a popular evangelist born in Israel who converted to Christianity.

One of the victims of the Malaysian airline disaster on Thursday was Ithamar Avnon, 27, son of Israeli-born Dov Arnon, a convert to Christianity and well-known Christian evangelist.

Dov Arnon posted a short tribute to his son on Facebook: They say life is short - yes it is true - today 17-7-2014 our son Ithamar was in the crashed Malaysia Airlines plane that went from Amsterdam to Australia - Ithamar was 27 years old. I am happy that he grew up with the bible and the faith that Christ died for him on the cross. 1 Cor 15.

The Avnon family lives in Nieuwegein, in Holland. Ithamar leaves behind him his father Dov, His mother Jeannet, his sister Ruth Sarris-Avnon and his brother Jonathan.

Dov Avnon, 52, was born in Kiryat Tivon, Israel, in 1957 to an Eastern European family that lost many of its members in the Holocaust. He grew up as a Jew, but turned to Christ at the age of 22, following his military service.