Police Opens Criminal Investigation Against MK Zoabi for Incitement

Balad MK has been under fire for saying the kidnapping of the three Israeli teens was not terrorism.

Jonathan Lis
Yaniv Kubovich
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MK Haneen Zoabi at the Haifa protest, July 2014.Credit: Rani Shllush
Jonathan Lis
Yaniv Kubovich

Israel Police opened a criminal investigation Friday against MK Haneen Zoabi (Balad) on suspicion of incitement to violence and insulting a public servant. The Attorney General’s Office had earlier approved the decision.

Last month, investigating Zoabi (Balad) for incitement that the kidnapping of three Israeli teens from a West Bank hitchhiking post isn’t terrorism.

A week earlier, in a radio interview, Zoabi caused an uproar when she said the kidnappers of the three yeshiva students “aren’t terrorists. Even if I do not agree with them, they are people who do not see any way to change their reality, and they are compelled to use means like these until Israel wakes up and sees the suffering, feels the suffering of the other.”

At a Haifa protest last week, by a police officer for allegedly assaulting an officer. She was released half an hour later

Zoabi said Friday that she "welcomes the decision to open the investigation, which will include investigating the conduct of police officers at all of the protests. I am preparing a complaint to the police's internal affairs department against the officers who pushed and cursed me, beat me and pulled my hair and even handcuffed me without any justified reason."