Police Stand Firm on Banning Yehuda Glick From Temple Mount

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Temple Mount activist Yehuda Glick leaving a Jerusalem hospital nearly a month after an assassination attempt, November 24, 2014.Credit: Emil Salman

The Israel Police continues to oppose allowing Yehuda Glick to visit the Temple Mount, its representative told the Jerusalem District Court Sunday during deliberations on the right-wing activist’s appeal of the ban.

The ban against Glick’s entering the area predates the assassination attempt he survived in late October as he emerged from a conference in Jerusalem about the Temple Mount. The prohibition was a condition of his release on bail after he was arrested in August on suspicion of assaulting a member of the Muslim women’s guard at the site, whose Arabic name is Haram al-Sharif, the noble sanctuary. The risk such a visit would pose to public order “has increased since the assassination attempt, not decreased,” the police representative told the court.

Some two weeks before he was shot, Glick was charged with pushing Ziva Badarna, 67, during a visit to the Temple Mount in late August. According to the charge sheet, the two were arguing when Glick shoved Badarna, causing her to fall and break her arm.

The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court granted the police request that Glick be barred from the Temple Mount for the duration of the legal proceedings against him.

Glick was represented in court Sunday by attorney Aviad Visoli. Police attorney Shira Karavany-Arad argued that allowing Glick on the site posed a threat to public order. When Judge Aryeh Romanoff asked if the police had reconsidered in light of the attempt on Glick’s life, she replied, “What occurred isn’t simple, but there’s no connection between it and the assault on this woman.”

During the hearing, Karavany-Arad submitted statements by Bardarna and by a police officer in connection to Glick’s prosecution, as well as medical records documenting Badarna’s injuries.

Visoli argued on behalf of Glick, saying that during his client’s visit to the Temple Mount in August several photographers took pictures of Glick and he was accompanied by two police officers, yet there was no direct evidence that Glick had assaulted Badarna.

A screengrab from MK Moshe Feiglin's Facebook page: Caption reads "The best part of today: 'Like' with Yehuda Glick.'"

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