WATCH: Netanyahu's Newest Election Video: The Left Is Good for ISIS

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A screenshot of Netanyahu's campaign ad, February 14, 2015.

Likud ratcheted up its campaign against the left in a video released Saturday suggesting that the left would allow the Islamic State (ISIS) into Israel.

The video shows actors dressed as ISIS fighters holding supposed ISIS flags driving in a pickup truck, and the words “Us or them, ISIS version.” On his Facebook page, alongside the video, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wrote: “This time choose: Likud headed by Netanyahu or a weak and submissive leftist government with Tzipi and Bougie,” referring to Zionist Union leaders MKs Tzipi Livni and Isaac Herzog.

The video shows the fighters in the pickup, which has a “Just not Bibi” bumper sticker. Stopping another driver and asking him in Hebrew with a heavy Arabic accent, “How do we get to Jerusalem, bro?” “Take a left,” the other driver answers them.

“The left will give in to terror,” the clip ends.

The soundtrack accompanying the clip features a rap in Arabic with the words: “Ever since I was a child I knew I wanted to be buried in the soil where my grandfather is buried. And ever since I was a child I knew I wanted to be a soldier and belong to Fatah, Hamas and Abbas.”

Zionist Union said in response to the clip that “Netanyahu lives in a fantasy if he thinks we’ve forgotten his colossal failure in the area of security. He released more than 1,000 prisoners with blood on their hands, strengthened Hamas, Iran became a nuclear threshold state on his watch and the personal security of Israelis is compromised daily. There are films in which there is no reason to make a sequel, Netanyahu’s term is a good example of this.”

Former Shin Bet security service head Yuval Diskin wrote on his Facebook page in response to the clip: “The left will bring ISIS into Israel, Netanyahu said. The man who released Sheikh Ahmad Yassin in 1997 and rebuilt Hamas. The man who released over 1,000 terrorists some of whom have already gone back to terror attacks, during his terms as prime minister. The man who released terrorists so as not to freeze settlements in a deal with Habayit Hayehudi, the man who was dragged into the longest war since the War of Independence against a terror organization, the man who threatened Iran and cannot subdue a terror organization in Gaza. He has lost shame, that’s for sure.” 

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