Netanyahu, Herzog Held Secret Meeting at Hollywood Producer's Home

Opposition leader's bureau says many others attended the meeting, but security footage shows otherwise.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has held several unpublicized meetings with the Hollywood film producer Arnon Milchan over the past two months. The meetings were held at Milchan’s residence in Herzliya.

The most recent meeting, three days ago, was also attended by opposition leader Isaac Herzog and former British prime minister and outgoing Middle Easter envoy Tony Blair. The meeting between Netanyahu and Milchan was preceded by meetings on July 28, July 9 and June 10. None of them were made public.

A source in the Prime Minister’s Office described the meeting as a “private farewell get-together for Blair organized by the host.” Herzog’s bureau gave a similar response, adding that many other people were also present at the event.

A check of the building’s security camera, however, did not indicate the presence of any other guests. The Prime Minister’s Office refused to comment on previous meeting held by Netanyahu at Milchan’s residence. No comment was issued on Blair’s behalf.

Shortly after the March elections Ch. 2 reported that Milchan was involved in contacts between Netanyahu and Herzog over the establishment of a unity government, which was denied by the Prime Minister’s Office. Blair has meet in recent weeks with a number of Israeli politicians and yesterday met with Palestinian officials in Cairo.

Milchan, who lived in the United States until a few years ago, is behind movie hits Pretty Woman, Fight Club and L.A. Confidential. He holds shares in Channel 10 and other business interests.

According to a book written with Milchan’s cooperation and a report about him on Channel 2’s Fact, Milchan worked for the Bureau of Scientific Relations, an Israeli intelligence agency and helped Israel purchase weapons, including components for its nuclear program.