'Penis Cake Affair' Ices Far-right German Politician's Career

Peter Marx of the NPD was photographed at a shindig featuring a phallus-shaped cake, and resigned.

Wikimedia Commons

The number-two man in Germany’s far-right National Democratic Party has stepped down for attending a party featuring a cake shaped as a phallus. The German press is calling the incident the Peniskuchen-Affaere – the penis cake affair.

Peter Marx, 58, was general secretary of the NPD, which preaches hatred of foreigners and immigrants, particularly Muslims. The party is not represented in the Bundestag but has legislators in provincial parliaments. It is particularly strong in the former East Germany.   

In late February, Marx attended a party at a club in the city of Saarbruecken, along with strippers and porn star Ina Groll. Groll has had political problems of her own; last month she lost her job as an NPD spokeswoman on news she had had sex with a black actor in a film.  

Marx, for his part, is usually photographed in a suit and tie, but photos linked to the penis cake affair have gone viral. The party’s chairman, Udo Pastoers, has called the incident “disgusting.”

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