Palestinians Accuse Quartet of Giving in to Israeli Demands by Canceling Visit

Saeb Erekat sends letter to Quartet representatives criticizing decision not to send a delegation as 'acceptance of Israeli violations.'


Saeb Erekat, the chairman of the PLO executive committee, accused the Quartet on the Middle East and the international community of giving in to Israeli dictates by postponing a visit by a Quartet delegation, which was scheduled to arrive in Ramallah on Wednesday.

A Quartet delegation that was set to visit Jerusalem and Ramallah this week had canceled the trip. A senior Israeli official and a Western diplomat from one of the Quartet's member countries told Haaretz on Monday that the reason for the cancellation was Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's objection to the visit's timing.

In a strongly-worded letter to a Quartet representative, Erekat said that The Quarter's decision to cancel its visit "sends a troubling message that the international community is willing to heed Israeli demands for non-intervention, thus signaling acceptance of Israel's escalation of its violations of individual and collective Palestinian rights."

Erekat also blamed the recent escalation in Israel and the West Bank on the "lack of action" on the part of the international community. "The situation on the ground today warrants immediate attention by the international community, in particular the [UN] Security Council and the Middle East Quartet," the letter stated.

The letter said Erekat was also sending a report on "the Israeli crimes and violations [against the Palestinians] committed during the past 30 days."