Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad: Hamas Delivered, We Have Not

Attending the premiere of a documentary about his own work, Fayyad expresses hope that UN recognition will help bolster Palestinian independence.

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Palestinian Authority leader Salam Fayyad attended the premiere of the documentary "State 194" at the U.S. Naval Memorial in Washington, D.C. Thursday night, just hours after Palestine was recognized as a non-member observer state by an overwhelming majority of the United Nations General Assembly.

Speaking at the screening of the movie, which follows Fayyad's work to build Palestinian civil society, the Palestinian leader  said he hoped it would help bolster Palestinian independence.

"What we can all do is to see how we can take advantage of what happened, to enhance the political process. I hope more will begin to see things this way. Let's get together and have a serious discussion on whether things in the past few years proceeded the way they should have proceeded. We demonstrated, we Palestinians can govern ourselves in an effective way."

Speaking about Hamas in Gaza, Fayyad said that while the "Palestinian Authority stands for a non-violent path to freedom - we have not been able to deliver, it was Hamas that was able to release over 1,000 prisoners, to get this much attention. I think it's absolutely important to recover from this - but we need to be honest with ourselves."

"If Gaza continues to drift away - so much for the appearance of the two-state solution, it's absolutely important for us to be able to reunify. I think it's important not to wait for the Israeli elections, but to ask these questions now."

"Israel might get through another elections campaign without having to address this issue, but it's oppressive for us and corrosive for the Israelis. There are dangers to the status-quo."

Outgoing Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad. Credit: Daniel Bar-On

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