Israel Police Officer Opens Fire on 'Jewish Taliban' Woman at the Western Wall

The woman reportedly arrived at Western Wall entrance compound wrapped in multiple layers of dresses and blankets, acting suspiciously.

Olivier Fitoussi

An Israel Police officer opened fire on a woman at the Western Wall on Wednesday night, whose behavior and appearance he claimed were suspicious. The woman was moderately wounded.

The officer said that the woman arrived at the security checkpoint at the entrance to the Western Wall compound wrapped in multiple layers of dresses and blankets. The officer said she approached suspiciously and refused his orders to stop. He then fired into the air, and when she did not response, he shot at her legs while fellow officers restrained her.

The woman, 35, is a Haredi woman affiliated with the fanatical cult Lev Tahor, nicknamed "Jewish Taliban," an investigation into the incident revealed. Her excessive dress was due to the cult's consideration of modest appearance.

The incident occurred amid heightened alert at the Western Wall, with yeshiva students being told to remain indoors and an increased police presence.