No Bull: Israel's Surprising New Export

Kenya's Narok County plans to import Israeli bull semen to liven up its livestock.

Kenya is planning mass imports of Israeli bull semen in order to liven up its livestock, Kenya's Daily Nation reports.

The governor of Narok County, Samuel Ole Tunai, says the county will buy 100 million Kenyan shillings (about $830,000) worth of the best Israeli bull semen and distribute it free to local farmers. Currently, Narok farmers raise cattle only for their family's food, which is a shame and a waste, Tunai said. With the injection of prize Israeli bull sperm, Narok County can look forward to a robust cattle industry supplying the market with plentiful beef and dairy products, the governor asserted.

“Livestock farmers will benefit a lot with this but we must improve the breeds we have, like the zebus to a more superior bread,’ said Tunai. Zebus is plural for zebu, a breed of cattle that Wikipedia describes as having with "a fatty hump on its shoulders, drooping ears and a large dewlap," or double chin.

Clearly, Israel's bulls have their work cut out for them.