Mother of 6-year-old Newtown Victim Noah Pozner Buries Her 'Little Man'

Hundreds of weeping mourners participated in the emotional funeral ceremony of Pozner, the youngest victim of 20-year-old Adam Lanza’s crazed massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

FAIRFIELD, CONNECTICUT – Six-year-old Noah Shmuel Pozner liked animals, ninja toys and Super Mario computer games. He was a child of light and love, of mischief and pranks, his grieving mother Veronique said, and his goal in life was to become either a doctor- or a taco factory manager.

“You were planted on earth in order to bloom in heaven,” she cried, together with the hundreds of mourners who participated in little Noah’s funeral at the Abraham L. Green and Son Funeral Home in Fairfield, Connecticut, about half an hour’s drive from Newtown, where Noah was butchered on Friday by a lone gunman who was armed to the teeth, together with 19 other children at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Noah was the youngest victim of that bloodbath as well as the first to be buried. Hundreds of family relatives and friends attended the ceremony, along with parents of other children murdered in the attack perpetrated by 20-year-old Adam Lanza, as well as teachers who witnessed the carnage and lived to tell about it. Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy was there, together with U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal and Newtown First Selectman - or mayor - Patricia Llodra.

Deputy Consul General in New York Shlomi Kofman represented Israel at Pozner’s funeral, 24 hours after Consul General Ido Aharoni visited Newtown and spent several hours meeting with children, parents and teachers from the local Hebrew School and the Newtown Jewish community that includes about 100 Jewish families.

The ceremony was accompanied by the constant sobbing sounds of most of the mourners – men and women, young and old, relatives and ordinary citizens – especially during Veronique Pozner’s moving eulogy for “my little man”, whom, she said, “elevated us all during your 6 years with us.”

Rabbi Shaul Praver of Newtown’s only synagogue, Adath Israel, who has risen to national prominence in the past few days, especially after his rendition of “El Male Rachamim” at Sunday night’s ceremony with President Barack Obama – spoke from the podium of the funeral’s home new hall, with the American and Israeli flags at his sides and Noah’s brown casket on the floor below. Praver, who has twins who are also in first grade, called on Noah’s twin sister, the dark haired and good natured Ariella, to “love him twice from on” in order to make up for his absence.

Praver thanked the teaching staff for their acts of “Kiddush Hashem” and called on them, as well as on all the participants and America as a whole, not to squander the “ray of light that has broken through the darkness” in the aftermath of the Newtown massacre. He said that America must fundamentally change the situation where innocent children can be harmed. He compared the current national mood of goodwill and determination to the one that existed after the September 11 terrorist attacks but said “we had a moment then, but we lost it.”

The ceremony ended with Carole King’s song “Child of Mine” as the weeping family and grieving friends made their way by motorcade to the Jewish cemetery at Monroe where “sweet darling” Noah will be interred.

Courtesy of the family