Nanny Arrested for Child Abuse After Baby’s Hospitalization

Reports of child abuse and neglect have increased in recent years; Up 12 percent between 2009 and 2010, survey says.

A woman who was caring for a 6-month old infant in Ra’anana was arrested for child abuse on Thursday after the baby was hospitalized in serious condition on Wednesday with bleeding from his head.

The nanny, 58, is also from the Sharon region. She told police the baby became unresponsive, choked and lost consciousness while she was feeding him, and that she held him and tried to prevent him from choking.

A neighbor who heard the shouting of the suspect, whose name was not released for publication, called for an ambulance. The infant was admitted to pediatric intensive care at Schneider’s Children Medical Center in Petah Tikva.

After interviewing the infants’ parents, Kfar Sava police officers questioned the nanny Thursday morning. After she made a statement to police, she was arrested and detained in custody. Investigators believe she injured the infant by holding him too tightly. A detention hearing is scheduled for today. Police will ask the court to extend her detention.

Reports of child abuse and neglect have increased in recent years. According to a survey by Jerusalem’s Haruv Institute, reports of child abuse filed with social services rose 12 percent between 2009 and 2010. Professionals say many incidents of child abuse or neglect still go undetected and unreported. A warning to this effect was issued last year in a position paper by the Israel Ambulatory Pediatric Association.