Bedouin Man Charged With Murder Over Strangulation of His Two Daughters

Ali Amtirat, of the Bedouin town of Al-Fura’a, in the Negev, hid in caves in the Dead Sea are for some six weeks after fleeing the murder scene.

Ali Amtirat, of the Bedouin town of Al-Fura’a, in the Negev, was charged with murder in the Be’er Sheva District Court on Monday in the deaths of his two daughters, Asinat aged two and Ramais aged three, in May.

Amtirat hid in caves near the Dead Sea for about a month and a half after allegedly strangling the girls in their home. He was captured three weeks ago following an intensive police manhunt.

According to the indictment, Amtirat married the girls’ mother, Abir, six years ago, after divorcing a woman with whom he has six children. Abir returned to her parents’ village in the Palestinian-controlled areas with her daughters, due to his allegedly violent behavior toward her, but she eventually returned the girls to Amtirat following threats. He would sometimes leave them with his former wife.

On the evening of the killings, Amtirat came to his ex-wife’s home and asked his son to bring him the girls so he could spend time with them before he traveled. He then took them to his own home, where he allegedly choked them with his hands, hung them from an iron beam and fled.

Amtirat’s brother, Ahmed, was charged with involvement in Amtirat ’s threatening behavior and with helping his brother to hide after the killings.