Pilots' Strike Grounds 750 Lufthansa Flights Between Israel, Germany

Hundreds of passengers traveling between Ben-Gurion airport and Frankfurt to be affected by two-day strike over cutbacks.


Some 750 Lufthansa flights between Israel and Germany have been canceled due to a pilots' strike over cutbacks.

Hundreds of passengers will be affected by the partial strike on Wednesday and Thursday. The pilots and Lufthansa management disagree on cuts, salaries and improving work conditions.

The strike has prompted the cancellation of flights between Ben-Gurion airport and the Frankfurt airport. For example, flight No. 690 from Frankfurt that was scheduled to land in Israel at 11 P.M. Wednesday has been canceled.

The German airline has also canceled longer flights on Thursday, which will also affect Israeli travelers planning to continue to other destinations from Frankfurt.

A representative for Lufthansa declined to comment.