Likud Politicians in Arms Over Livni’s TV Swipes at Netanyahu

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A screengrab from Matzav Hauma's video.

Hatnuah chairwoman Tzipi Livni discovered yesterday that Likud politicians weren’t the only ones who had something to say about her comments on a satirical television show in which she joked about her political marriage to Labor leader Isaac Herzog. It turned out insurance agents also wanted to know about Livni’s reference to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as the “garbage” that she and Herzog plan to dispose of together.

Speaking at a conference of insurance agents yesterday, Livni responded to a comment about her Friday night appearance on “Matzav Ha’uma,” saying: “I distinguish between humor programs and a serious conference like this one.”

Livni’s comments on “State of the Nation” drew the ire of Likud’s Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz and MK Miri Regev, both of whom took to social media to air their protests.

“Is Livni on drugs?” Katz wrote in a Facebook post that got over 4,000 “likes” and was shared 350 times. “Yesterday on ‘Matzav Ha’uma’ we saw some trippy figure hurling unprecedented insults at the prime minister, ‘Buji and I will take out the garbage,’ ‘Two potential prime ministers are better than an impotent prime minister.’ What language and what a level!”

Discussing her agreement with Herzog to run on a joint list and to rotate the premiership if Labor forms the next government, Livni said on TV: “I thought that rotation, or two potential prime ministers, was better than one impotent prime minister.”

“Buji and I have a stable relationship,” she said, using Herzog’s nickname. “We decided in advance that we wouldn’t fight, you know, about who would wash the dishes and who would do the laundry — we’ll both take out the garbage together.”

Katz said the centrist Livni, a former Likud member, was “addicted” to maintaining an open channel of communication with the Palestinians.

“Ever since the talks with Abu Mazen [Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas] have stopped, she has gotten totally out of whack,” Katz wrote on his Facebook page about Livni. “She’s addicted to contact with the Palestinians and can’t be weaned off it.”

Regev, who headed the Knesset Interior Committee in the recently dissolved 19th Knesset, also used Facebook to respond to Livni’s television appearance.

“Here’s a joke: Tzipi Livni, who we already know is a demolition contractor, is having a hard time finding a site that will accept the garbage (waste) that she left behind in previous Knessets. This is what I’m saying, in the name of satirical freedom, in response to her unfunny remarks on ‘Matzav Ha’uma.’”

Like Katz’s Facebook post, Regev’s post also got thousands of likes and hundreds of shares.

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