Thousands of Israelis Turn Out the Lights for Earth Day

Thousands of individuals, along with monuments in 26 municipalities, shut off power for an hour as part of worldwide energy-saving gesture.

Tomer Neuberg

At 8 P.M. Tuesday, thousands of Israelis turned out their house lights for an hour, while 26 municipalities blackened major local monuments as part of an energy-saving gesture to mark international Earth Day, the Ministry of Environmental Protection announced.

The Israeli ceremony is being held at Ariel Sharon Park, built on the old Hiriya landfill outside Tel Aviv, where the annual Green Globe awards will be presented to environmental activists.

Worldwide, the 44th yearly Earth Day is to be marked by activities such as a conference on green cities in Rwanda, a campaign against poisonous plastic materials in Cameroon, celebrations and workshops in Egypt, tree plantings in China and the launch of a new recycling program in the Bahamas, USA Today reported.