Letters to the Editor

Of King Sheldon, streams of Judaism, and the wretched of Tel Aviv.


Sheldon, king of Israel?

Sheldon Adelson has been reported extensively as stating that there may be no need for Israel to be a democracy.I wonder if that is because he wishes to be crowned here as King Sheldon I.

Shmuel Himelstein

Beit Shemesh

Minister Piron, lighten up

Bringing Orthodox religious practices into secular schools is not the way to expose Jewish tradition to the kids and have them like it. But supporting and encouraging Conservative and Reform streams of Judaism and their institutions would have a greater impact and would include the entire family.

Honey Stollman

Ramat Gan

Winter comes for the homeless

Unfortunately I pass by the “park” opposite the Arlozoroff Street train/bus station in Tel Aviv so I see suffering with my own eyes. For years the tent people – the homeless and the poor – have been living there in their makeshift canvas homes. Who knows, maybe someone in authority will actually think about them, now that the weather is getting bitter. I understand that yes, they have been given eviction orders (so the authorities are thinking about them). My question is: Where will they go?

Meanwhile, the park is being whittled away by some sort of construction (no doubt a good official reason will be given). I understand the reluctance of some people to think of suffering Jews. After all, there are Arabs and Africans still to consider – and anyway, suffering is part of the Jewish tradition, so why the hell are we complaining? Really, that this should be the case in Israel, of all countries.

Mike Porter

Tel Aviv