Israeli Children’s Counselor Arrested on Suspicion of Pedophilia

Galilee man, in his 20s, is suspected of indecent acts against many children aged six to ten in afternoon daycare where he worked.

Eliyahu Hershkovitz

A Western Galilee resident was arrested and questioned on suspicions of pedophilia.

The man worked as a counselor in afternoon daycare for children aged six to ten in the community where he lives. The suspect, in his 20s, has no criminal record, and is suspected of performing indecent acts numerous minors for a period of over a year. The police released information on the case on Tuesday after they gathered sufficient evidence against him.

A court order bans reporting personal details about the suspect because he lives in a small community, where the investigation is being carried out.

Police officers form the Nahariya police station arrested him about two weeks ago at Ben-Gurion International Airport after he returned to Israel from a six-month trip. While he was overseas, a number of parents from the daycare center filed complaints about him, and after his arrest more families complained.