Israeli Soldier Wounded by Errant Syrian Gunfire in Golan Heights

Last week, Israeli army fired at Syrian army position after errant mortar shell landed in Golan Heights.

Gil Eliyahu

An Israeli soldier was lightly wounded by errant gunfire from Syria in the northern Golan Heights on Monday, the third such incident in the last two weeks.

About two weeks ago, an Israeli sustained light injuries from a mortar shell that exploded in Kibbutz Ein Zivein in the Golan Heights.

The incident came hours after Israel Defense Forces gunners launched artillery at a Syrian army position, in response to the fire that lightly-to-moderately wounded an IDF officer along the border, as the battle between rebel and regime forces trickled into Israel. The IDF identified a direct hit.

Last Thursday, a Syrian mortar shell landed in the Israeli side of the border in the Golan, causing no damage. 

In response, the Israeli army targeted a Syrian army position with a Tammuz missile. 

The IDF confirmed a direct hit on the target, and added that the army views "the Syrian army responsible for any shooting into Israel."