Tel Aviv Man Suspected of Sexually Abusing His Partner’s Four Daughters

Man arrested on suspicion of abusing his girlfriend’s daughters also claimed he communicates with angels.

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A 33 year-old Tel Aviv resident was arrested earlier this week on suspicion of systematically abusing his girlfriend's four daughters, both sexually and mentally.

The man is suspected of sexually assaulting his girlfriend’s daughters, aged 15-20, for several years. He also allegedly starved, threatened and physically abused the girls, as well as assaulting their mother. A court extended his police custody yesterday by eight days.

On the night between Friday and Saturday last week, two of the girls, accompanied by their aunt, came to the Yiftah police station in south Tel Aviv. The aunt told the police that their mother’s live-in boyfriend had thrown them out.

She said the girls had told her that the man had systematically abused them and their sisters since he moved in with their mother three years ago.

When questioned by the police, the girls said the man had told them from the beginning that he was communicating with angels who spoke from inside his body. He used to enter their bedroom at night wrapped in a sheet and force them to have sexual intercourse with them under threats, they said.

He told the 19-year-old and 20-year-old that the angels had instructed him to have sex with them and demanded, in the angels’ name, that they carry out various sexual acts on him, they said.

The suspect used to undress the underage girls, telling them the angels demanded he remove some kind of metal from them, they said. They also said he starved them and abused them physically and mentally.

Last Friday, after a fight with two of the teenagers, aged 15 and 19, the suspect allegedly threw them out in the middle of the night. The two went to their aunt’s home and after hearing their story, she decided to go to the police.

The suspect said the girls had testified against him because they wanted their mother to break up with him.

Rape victim (illustration).Credit: Tomer Noiberg

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