Israeli Hiker Dies While Trekking in Peru

Pavel Lerman, an Israeli doctor, was trekking with a group near the city of Huaraz when he began to feel unwell.

Pavel Lerman, 35, an Israeli doctor from Sefad who recently completed his residency at the Carmel Hospital in Haifa, died while hiking in Peru this week. The incident occurred while he and others were trekking near the city of Huaraz, some seven hours from the capital Lima.

The Israeli consul in Lima is making arrangements for his body to be shipped to Israel.

On the day of his death, Lerman was hiking with a group called Laguna 69, which included 13 other hikers. It is unknown what caused his death, though fellow hikers said that he had begun to feel unwell about 20 minutes from the start of the trek.

One of the hikers told friends in Israel that Lerman had a very low pulse and looked pale. The men in the group carried Lerman to the beginning of the trail and put him in a van that took him to hospital.

According to the hiker, the van owner initially refused to take Lerman and locals to whom they turned to for help laughed in their faces.

Lerman, who studied medicine at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, was on an extended trip to South America after graduating six months ago.