Israel Appoints Its First Female Ambassador to an Arab State

Einat Shlain to replace Daniel Nevo in Jordan; Nevo is thought to have developed best relationship with monarchy of any Israeli diplomat.


Einat Shlain was appointed ambassador to Jordan on Sunday, making her Israel’s first female ambassador to an Arab state.

Shlain will assume the post in 10 months, replacing Daniel Nevo. Nevo is thought to have developed the best relationship with the Jordanian monarchy of any Israeli diplomat.

Shlain speaks fluent Arabic and has had a number of assignments related to the region, including Middle Eastern affairs adviser in the Israeli Embassy in Washington and head of the North African desk. She currently heads the international division of the Foreign Ministry’s diplomatic research center.

This will be Shlain’s second posting to Jordan, after servin in Amman as a junior diplomat in one of her first foreign assignments.

Of the 12 new envoys named yesterday by the ministry’s supreme appointments committee, seven are women. They include Aliza Ben-Nun, ambassador to France; Tamar Samash, ambassador to Romania; Simona Frankel, ambassador to Belgium; Irit Lilian, ambassador to Bulgaria; Yael Ravia as ambassador to Cyprus and Judith Varnai as consul-general in Atlanta.

Other new appointments are: Danny Kutner, ambassador to Spain; Yoni Peled, ambassador to Mexico; Dan Stav, ambassador to Azerbaijan; Ilan Ben-Dov, ambassador to Slovakia and Zev Boker, ambassador to Ireland.