Israeli Army Handing Out Ramadan Candies With anti-Hamas Slogans, Palestinians Say

'Hamas is making life bitter in the West Bank' is one of the messages.


Israeli troops conducting searches and making arrests in the West Bank have brought with them candy and matchboxes with anti-Hamas statements, Palestinians in the West Bank said Sunday.

In a photo taken in the Nablus area, lollipops can be seen with a note reading “Ramadan Kareem. Here are some sweets because Hamas is making life bitter in the West Bank.” An Israel Defense Forces officer told Haaretz he knew nothing about the issue.

On Thursday, matchboxes were available in the West Bank with the slogan “Warning, Hamas is setting the West Bank alight.” Photos taken by Palestinians show that the matchboxes list the name of a manufacturer, Swedish company Swedish Match, and an importer, Nur Ltd. The IDF Spokesman’s Office declined to comment.

Since the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers earlier this month, the army has raided dozens of charity organizations and groups thought to be part of Hamas’ social and civilian infrastructure.

Residents of the village of Anbata say they found the matchboxes after the IDF conducted searches in and around the village.

On the eve of Ramadan, there were reports overnight of 25 more arrests throughout the West Bank, including in the Nablus, Hebron and Bethlehem areas. Among the detainees is reportedly the 55-year-old father of kidnapping suspect Amar Abu Aisha.

Also, Palestinian youths reportedly clashed with Israeli troops conducting searches and making arrests in several villages and the Al-Aroub refugee camp north of Hebron. Detainees reportedly include several children from the camp.