Israel Displays Seized Iranian Weapons Shipment

Dozens of foreign journalists invited to exhibit and press conference in Eilar; Netanyahu: We have exposed the truth behind Iran's fake smiles.

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Dozens of journalists, most of them foreign, attended a weapons exhibit and press conference on Monday afternoon, in which the arms seized on the Klos C vessel were put on public display.

In his address to the press, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that in confiscating the shipment, "we have exposed the truth behind Iran's fake smiles," adding that this was something that the "international community doesn't want us" to do.

"The world needs to awaken from its state of illusion and prevent Iran from acquiring the capability to create nuclear weapons," Netanyahu said. "The international community's decision to ignore the seized weapons ship is biased, dangerous and unacceptable."

All of the missiles that were in the shipment on board the ship were already spread out and displayed on a surface adjacent to the military port, along with boxes of Kalashnikov bullets and crates of mortars. The shipment included 40 short-range rockets, 181 121-mm mortar shells and about 400,000 7.62-mm-caliber bullets

In addition, two containers were displayed along with bags of cement in the area of the weapons exhibit.

An inscription on a metal strip tied onto the clasps of one of the container read  IRICA (Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration).

The inscriptions on the munitions containers gave precise description of the contents in English. An IDF officer said that this is the usual marking for munitions. and that if they had been marked in Persian or Arabic, it would have aroused suspicion.

The Prime Minister's Office, which organized the display, added signs with a tongue-in-cheek tweet from Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif's Twitter account, which notes that the weapons' shipment was seized "just in time" for the AIPAC conference.

"An amazing coincidence! Or the same unsuccessful lies," wrote Zarif. The sign also reads "Who is the real liar" on the backdrop of a picture of one of the M-302 rockets that was on the ship.

Other signs prepared by the PMO include pictures of missile launches, a nuclear facility, American flags going up in flames, or demonstrations against the U.S. and  an American flag in which the stars are replaced with skulls and the red stripes are missiles.

The weapons display was spread out alongside the naval vessel Hanit, which participated in Operation Full Disclosure, and which took part in the Second Lebanon War, when it was hit by an S-802 missile. Boats used by the elite naval commando unit Shayetet 13 were also on display.

IDF soldiers take a selfie with the seized weapons in Eilat, March 10 2014.Credit: Tomer Appelbaum
M-302 rockets seized by IDF forces on the Iranian ship Klos C.Credit: Tomer Appelbaum

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