Habayit Hayehudi Candidate: Homo-lesbian Agenda 'Suicide' for Society

Yehudit Shilat, the third woman on the party’s Knesset election slate, spoke vehemently against homosexuality in a radio interview last year.

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Yehudit Shilat

Yehudit Shilat, a new candidate on Habayit Hayehudi’s list for the upcoming Knesset election, said in an interview a year ago that the creation of a climate legitimizing same-sex relationships is tantamount to "suicide of certain collectives.”

Shilat put the issue of same-sex relationships in the context of the phenomena of reduced rates and later ages of marriages as well as lower birth rates.

Shilat, the wife of a Jerusalem rabbi and adviser on women’s affairs for the deputy religious services minister, is the chairwoman of the Takana Forum, “a group of 30 prominent men and women from the religious community committed to ending sexual abuse and harassment by persons in leadership positions within that community,” according to the forum’s website.

The third woman on Habayit Hayehudi’s Knesset slate, Shilat occupies the 12th slot on the ticket, which is reserved for a female candidate. According to all the polls, she will be serving in the next Knesset.

In a video clip uploaded to the Kipa website last week, Shilat ruled out same-sex marriage without elaborating further. But a year ago, Shilat told Guy Zohar in an interview on the local radio station Radio 103 FM what she had against gays.

“I want to talk about an aspect of the issue on which liberal secular society expresses no viewpoint ... I want to talk about the significance of legislating in favor of same-sex marriage – in other words, promoting the homo-lesbian agenda by legislation. Public discourse is changing, creating a social climate that promotes a public climate of homo-lesbian ideas, making them progressive and legitimate ... If we join in creating this climate of homo-lesbianism and the phenomenon of remaining single until late in life and marrying late and a reduced birth rate, we cannot ignore that demographically, we are talking about the suicide of certain collectives.”

At that point the interviewer, Zohar, became angry and said that family was a matter of choice and that gay people had not chosen to be gay. Shilat answered: “The ones who do not choose it are very few, and most of the people are able to choose it. They are making it into something legitimate; even people who were not born that way can choose it.”

Zohar did not allow her to continue, and said that he was not willing to listen to such statements on his show. Shilat stopped talking about the topic of homosexuality and began talking about the birth rate in general terms.