Hezbollah Member Held in Peru for Planning Terror Attack

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Police outside Amadar's home in Lima, Peru.Credit: Screenshot

A suspected member of Hezbollah was arrested in Lima, the capital of Peru, earlier this week on suspicion that he was planning a terror attack in the country,

Mohammed Amadar, a Lebanese citizen, was in possession of explosives and other materials used in explosive devices when arrested, the Peruvian Interior Ministry said in a statement.

According to La Republica newspaper, the Peruvian authorities were informed by the Mossad about Amadar's arrival in Peru and his intention to carry out attacks.

The prime minister's bureau in Jerusalem declined to comment on the report.

Amadar was arrested in a Lima street on Tuesday by members of the Peruvian police's anti-terrorism unit. At the same time, police raided the house in which he was living, where they found traces of TNT, detonators and other inflammable substances.

Amadar's cover in Peru was of a body builder who spent several hours in the gym every day, according to the local newspaper La Republica.

The authorities said that Amadar was currently being interrogated in an attempt to discover his intended target.

Amadar was under surveillance by the Peruvian intelligence services for several months before his arrest. He arrived in Peru in November 2013, marrying a woman with dual Peruvian and American citizenship two weeks later. Shortly afterwards, the couple left for Brazil, where they lived in Sao Paulo.

According to the newspaper, the Mossad informed the Peruvian intelligence services in early July that Amadar intended returning the country, which he did on July 8. His wife arrived a few hours later on a flight from Florida.

Amadar was met at the airport by members of the Peruvian anti-terror unit, who questioned him for several hours before releasing him. From that point onwards, he was under surveillance.

According to those watching him, Amadar and his wife did not work, leaving the house only to eat or go to the gym. They received money transfers via Western Union, a system used by many Hezbollah operatives around the world.

Searching the garbage outside his home, the agents found chemicals used in the construction of explosive devices. In the search of his house following his arrest, agents also found mobile phones and memory cards, which are now being examined for leads to other Hezbollah operatives.

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