IDF Survey: Most Haredi Soldiers Believe Their Contribution to Army Is 'Vital'

Research by IDF manpower directorate indicates that 75% of the Haredi conscripts are satisfied with their service and feel at home in the army.

A significant majority of ultra-Orthodox soldiers serving in the Israel Defense Forces are satisfied with their service and believe that the roles they are fulfilling are vital to the army's objectives.

That emerges from a survey conducted recently by the IDF manpower directorate among 200 of the 2,000 Haredi soldiers currently serving in the IDF. The survey was released Thursday, as the latest – and largest – Haredi draft began, with some 400 conscripts.

According to the results of the poll, 76 percent of the respondents are happy with their service and 75 percent believe that their contribution is vital to the army. Additionally, 37 percent were interested in doing an officer's course and 55 percent said they would consider joining the permanent force, were it possible.

Serving in the reserves was a lot less popular, however, with only one-third of the respondents willing to do reserve duty.

A senior officer in the manpower directorate expressed satisfaction with the results of the poll, saying that "the pride expressed by 85 percent at their service in the IDF was really surprising to us."

"All the data shows that [the Haredi conscripts] feel a great sense of pride and a feeling of being valuable to the army –and also that army service is becoming a part of their everyday lives," the officer said.