Hamas, Islamic Jihad Members Among Prisoners to Be Released

Almost all prisoners slated to be released Tuesday were convicted of murdering Israelis; 48-hour for public to appeal to Supreme Court for objection.

Three members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, two from Hamas and one from the Islamic Jihad number among the 26 Palestinian prisoners Israel will release on Tuesday as a gesture toward the Palestinian Authority in the renewed peace talks. Almost all of the inmates on the list were involved in the murder of Israelis.

Israel approved on Sunday the list of 26 prisoners to be released in the first of four phases out of a total of 104 prisoners who were mostly convicted and imprisoned in the period before the Oslo Accords.

15 out of the current batch of prisoners are residents of the Gaza Strip and will be released there; four come from Nablus, another four from Jenin, one from Bethlehem and one from Hebron.

Some of the convicted killers on the list: Salah Ahmed Ibrahim Mughdad who in the 1990's murdered 70-year-old Israel Tenenbaum; Samir Abdel Na'anish, convicted for the 1989 murder of Israeli soldier Benyamin Meisner in Nablus; Mahmoud Bad Almagid Saulha and Fauza Ahmed Husseini Saulha from Nablus who as minors stabbed to death teenager Baruch Heizler at a bus station.

Israel allowed 48 hours between naming the prisoners and their release time to enable public to file objections with the High Court of Justice.