Iran Trades in Holocaust Denial Cartoon Contest for anti-ISIS Competition

More than 800 entries have been submitted this far.

Iran has launched an international contest to draw the most humiliating ISIS caricatures.

According to reports from the Iranian media, over 800 entries have been submitted this far. Two hundred eighty entries will be chosen and displayed on the streets of Tehran, beginning Sunday.

Later, the works will be displayed in a Tehran cartoon gallery which once housed an exhibition on Holocaust denial.

One of the works submitted to the contest shows a slaughtered dove with an olive branch adorning the knife, complete with an ISIS inscription. Another work depicts ISIS soldiers similarly to Smurfs, as they are chased by an American soldier.

A caricature depicts ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Photo by Hadi Asadi

According to Mohammed Habibi, who was appointed head of the competition by the Iranian government, some world-renown cartoonists have also sent in entries, but they were forced to use pseudonyms for security reasons.

During an interview with Iranian television, Habibi said, “Today, everyone around the world knows about a group of parasites calling themselves Daesh (ISIS) and is aware of the crimes they are committing against humanity and culture. Now, artists will be given an opportunity to raise awareness of these acts by participating in the competition.”

Shojai Tabatabai, an Iranian artist who submitted an entry, told Press TV that “Daesh is trying to associate itself with Islam, but in reality, they have no connection.”

The show's poster