Four Set to Be Indicted in Eyal Golan Underage Sex Scandal

Case complicated by the number of false or exaggerated testimonies by young girls who came forward to police at beginning of investigation.

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Police officials say four indictments are likely in the investigation into an underage sex ring involving associates of singer Eyal Golan. The case has been complicated by the false or exaggerated testimonies of a number of young girls questioned by police about the affair.

Many of the girls apparently exaggerated, falsifying stories originally told to police regarding many of the suspects involved in the case.

Police officials had been suspicious from the beginning, when an unusually high number of minors came forward to testify.

Police now believe there is some truth to the stories told by the young girls, but that some exaggerations were involved as well.

One young girl told police she became pregnant after having sexual intercourse with the suspects. Upon further investigation, police tried to ascertain the identity of the father, and found that the account was completely false.

Another girl testified that she was accompanied by Eyal Golan’s father, Danny Biton, to a luxurious villa in Caesarea following a performance. That story also proved to be false. Despite the false testimonies, police officials estimate there will be indictments against Biton, Tzachi Asulin (a worker at Golan’s production company) and two others, but Golan himself will not be indicted.

The investigation began after the police received information from one of the girls involved regarding trafficking of minors. The name of Golan’s father came up as a suspect, and the police began discreet surveillance. Police officials claim they have enough evidence to bring Biton to trial.

Issuing an indictment against Golan, who admitted having sexual relations with a minor, is more complicated. The police do not have the same amount of evidence, and, due to the false testimonies, it would be difficult to get the courts to agree to indict the singer.

Israeli singer Eyal Golan.Credit: Ronen Akerman

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