Palestinian PM Salam Fayyad Once Again Offers to Resign

Fayyad quoted as saying that in light of the PA's financial crisis, and for the sake of Palestinian national unity, he is willing to step down.

Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad once again offered his resignation as part of a move for national unity, Palestinian news agency Ma'an reported on Tuesday. The report was also confirmed by Palestinian sources.

Fayyad's offer was made during a meeting of the Palestinian Liberation Organization's Executive Committee held on Monday, Wasel Abu Yousef, a committee member, told Ma'an. Fayyad explained that a new government, composed of representatives from all Palestinian factions, should be formed, the report said.

Abu Yousef said he knows nothing of Fayyad officially submitting his resignation. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' office denied that a resignation was submitted.

During Monday's meeting, Fayyad said that in light of the difficult condition the PA is in, there was no escape from forming a new government.

Fayyad had had many arguments with senior Fatah officials and members of other factions over the management of the financial crisis and policies of the government. Senior Fatah officials even tried to direct the public's criticism over the economy at Fayyad.

This is not the first time Fayyad had offered to resign. In the past, Abbas refused to accept Fayyad's resignation and the prime minister agreed to stay in his post.

On Wednesday, Salah al-Bradaweel, one of Hamas leaders in Gaza, said that the faction had handed over a document to Egypt listing some new approaches on reaching Palestinian reconciliation. Not elaborating on the content of the document, al-Bradaweel only said that Hamas is seeking Palestinian national unity.

Daniel Bar-On