Facebook Is 'Crap,' Says Gunter Grass

German novelist says he's surprised more people haven't stopped using social networks after the NSA scandal.

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Facebook is "crap," German novelist and Nobel Prize laureate Günter Grass said in an interview reported Thursday in The Local, a German news website in English.

Grass said he was surprised that the NSA scandal - which revealed that British and American intelligence agencies were conducting massive surveillance programs, including gathering information on people on the social network - didn't cause more people to stop using Facebook, The Local wrote.

With the latest findings in mind, it surprises me that millions of people do not distance themselves from Facebook and all that crap, and say, 'I want no part of it,'" the Local quoted the novelist as saying.

Grass does not use Facebook himself rather he made up his mind by discussing the matter with his eight children and 16 grandchildren, the Local said.

I do have certain reservations when one of them tells me I am on FacebookI have 500 friends. I say someone who has 500 friends has no friends, the poet was quoted as saying.

He added that virtual experiences were no substitute for real-life interactions.

In April 2012, Grass raised a storm when he published a poem that was critical of Israel, in which he said that Israel's nuclear program was a threat to world peace. The poem also included a call to Germany to stop supplying Israel with submarines and warned of an Israeli attack on Iran.

The poem drew sharp criticism in Germany, Israel and among Jewish organizations. The Israeli embassy in Germany said that the poem was in line with the 'tradition of blood libel ahead of Passover."

Grass achieved fame with his first novel The Tin Drum. Many of his stories have been translated into Hebrew and English. In 2006, Grass admitted for the first time to serving in Hitler's Waffen SS during the Second World War. Today, Grass is an active member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany.

Gunter GrassCredit: AP