Former Tel Aviv District Attorney to Face Criminal Probe in Fisher Case

Police are looking into cases in which ex-DA Ruth David and attorney Ronel Fisher were involved. The latter is also under criminal investigation for bribery.

Revital Hovel
Yaniv Kubovich
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Former Tel Aviv district prosecutor Ruth David entering Jerusalem Magistrate's Court on May 6, 2015.Credit: Emil Salman
Revital Hovel
Yaniv Kubovich

Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein announced Thursday that an investigation will be launched into the conduct of Ruth David while she was the Tel Aviv district attorney.

Weinstein decided to launch a criminal investigation of the matter after police presented him with findings suggesting criminal wrongdoing. Police are looking into cases in which David and attorney Ronel Fisher were involved. The latter is also under criminal investigation for bribery. In making the announcement, Weinstein emphasized that “at this point there are no findings that substantiate a suspicion of bias in cases handled by the district attorney.”

The relevant findings were presented at a meeting held Thursday and attended by State Prosecutor Shai Nitzan, deputy Attorney General Raz Nizri, head of the police Investigation and Intelligence unit, Maj. Gen. Meni Yitzhaki, and the head of the police anti-crime 433 Lahav unit, Maj. Gen. Roni Ritman.The instrument of a criminal investigation was reserved up to now for looking into allegations against elected public officials such as Minister Silvan Shalom, but the attorney general has applied it to the case of David as well, even though she is not an elected or public official. At a meeting of the Lawyers’ Association last week, former MK Roni Bar-On criticized this decision.

Haaretz reported recently that the task force appointed to this case conducted a search at the offices of the Teachers’ Union. Police confiscated documents and collected testimonies from several employees. The search was related to a case in which Fisher represented the Teachers’ Union and its general secretary Yossi Wasserman, at a time when David was the district attorney. At this point, the findings don’t indicate that closing files or biased treatment by David were evident. It appears the suspicions focus on breaches of integrity, such as receiving expensive gifts from Fisher while he was representing Wasserman.

David was indicted last month, accused of knowing about the corrupt relationship between Fisher and former police officer Eran Malka, and of conspiring to make it difficult for police investigators to discover that relationship. David is accused of obstructing justice in two cases, and of receiving assets that were obtained through criminal actions.