Former Channel 2 News Director Warned Emmanuel Rosen About Harassment

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The former managing director and editor of Israel's Channel 2 News company had warned journalist Emmanuel Rosen about his allegedly inappropriate behavior toward young women employees at the company. Shalom Keitel held unofficial conversations about the matter with Rosen during his time as a reporter at Channel 2, even though no direct complaint had been submitted to Keitel.

Haaretz has learned that the Israel Police investigations department has been following reports about allegations of improper behavior and harassment on Emmanuel's part, but has not yet decided whether to launch an investigation. Rosen has called the claims against him "baseless" and a "smear campaign."

The report about Keitel’s conversations with Rosen come in the wake of another report, which said Rosen was dismissed three years ago from the news company for inappropriate conduct and harassment of a junior woman employee. Haaretz has also learned that before Rosen was hired for his current position at Channel 10, he was called in for a discussion to clarify rumors of the alleged behavior, but was hired in the end.

In an interview on Army Radio on Sunday, Gadi Sukenik, a former anchorman at Channel 2’s prime-time news program, confirmed the assertions about Rosen’s behavior toward dozens of young women employees who had worked with him over the years. “I’m willing to put my hand in fire and swear that this is just the tip of the iceberg, and these incidents are only the edge of the spectrum," he said. "Some are much worse." Sukenik's came in the wake of a Haaretz report, which included the testimony of women journalists who described Rosen’s obsessive and troublesome behavior toward them. “Many managers who worked in the media knew about it," Sukenik said. "Over the years, it became obvious that it was true, but they continued to employ him.”

Over the weekend, officials of Channel 10's news corporation, Israeli Educational Television and the 103 FM radio station (Radio Lelo Hafsaka ) announced that Rosen had taken an immediate leave of absence. This occurred after a group of women journalists and the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel demanded that the stories of the alleged harassment be investigated.

Over the weekend, Rosen announced through Channel 10: “For ten years, an anonymous smear campaign has been waged against me behind the scenes and on the Internet.... The time has come to challenge the veracity of the rumor mill and the unchecked allegations.... I hope the inquiry will be conducted with the same speed and ease with which this baseless story swelled to monstrous proportions.”

Emmanuel Rosen.Credit: Ancho Gosh / Jini

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