Education Ministry Material: Jerusalem Should Remain Under Israeli Rule

An animated film clip provided to preschool teachers gives historic overview of Jerusalem and explains that only under Israeli sovereignty are freedom and equality given to all of its citizens.

Yarden Skop
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Yarden Skop

Jerusalem Day, which marks the reunification of the capital in 1967, was celebrated throughout the educational system on Monday with a new online newsletter prepared by the pre-elementary school division, which is responsible for nursery schools and kindergartens. The newsletter, in both Hebrew and Arabic, claims to “bring children to the Jerusalem experience and its uniqueness.”

One of the sections of the newsletter deals with the history of Jerusalem and includes milestones in its history. In addition, it also recommends a number of materials for viewing, including a clip in Hebrew produced by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs titled: Preserving Jerusalem under Israeli Sovereignty – History Speaks.  The subtitle of the clip states it is “an animated film describing the history of Jerusalem in the last 4,000 years.” The clip concludes that only under Israeli rule has there been freedom of worship and tolerance for all religions and cultures in Jerusalem.

After summarizing 4,000 years of the city’s history and the various rulers, the clip arrives at 1967 and explains that in "the Six-Day War, Jerusalem is once again united and freedom and equality are given to members of all religions.” The narrator continues: “Throughout history, the State of Israel was the only [one] who protected the rights and freedom of all religions and cultures in Jerusalem.”

The JCPA describes itself on its website as “an independent non-profit think tank bringing together the best minds in the political, strategic, diplomatic and legal arenas.” The JCPA was founded in 1976 by the late Prof. Daniel J. Elazar and has been headed by Israel’s former UN ambassador Dore Gold since 2000. It engages in policy research and central issues facing Israel and Jews.

The Education Ministry said the newsletter was intended for preschool teachers only to mark Jerusalem Day. The newsletter included a wide range of materials and every teacher had the opportunity to choose the materials appropriate for the community in which she or he teaches.

Israelis celebrate Jerusalem Day in the Old City.Credit: Emil Salman