Diskin Hits Back at Netanyahu in Scathing Personal Attack on Facebook

After the prime minister's associates called Diskin 'sanctimonious' for his criticism of the government's policies, the former Shin Bet chief hurls back: Netanyahu's cronies will say it's okay to spend 10,000 shekels on ice cream, the PM needs to concentrate on Iran.

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Former Shin Bet chief Yuval Diskin on Thursday hurled back at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after the latter's associates called him "frustrated and sanctimonious" after he criticized government policies on the Palestinians at a public forum marking the 10th anniversary of the Geneva Initiative.

In a post on his Facebook page, Diskin turned his reaction into a personal attack of his against the prime minister: "I heard the response of the Prime Minister's Bureau to my speech last night, and thought at least this time they didn't use Arik Einstein, may he rest in peace, as a way of ignoring the significance of the problem on the table," Diskin wrote.

"As it were, soon enough they'll be sending Gila Gamliel, Gilad Erdan and all the rest of the sycophants to explain why it's okay to own three houses on the state's tab, to buy 10,000 shekels worth of ice cream, to pay 84,000 shekels for water, to take suitcases filled with clothes to wash and iron at hotels abroad, to buy scented candles for 6,000 shekels - since the prime minister needs to concentrate on eliminating the Iranian threat…. It's sad. And we all hear it, and don't say a word," Diskin added.

The former Shin Bet chief used his address at the Geneva Initiative event to warn that "the ramifications of failed negotiations are far graver for Israel’s future than the Iranian nuclear program."

“We need an agreement now, before we get to a point of no return, after which a two-state solution will be impossible,” Diskin said. "I say it even though it is unpopular to do so."

“I would like to know that our home here has clear borders, and that we’re putting the sanctity of people before the sanctity of land," Diskin added. "I want a homeland that does not require the occupation of another people in order to maintain itself."

Criticizing the government's policies, Diskin also said. “The coalition in Israel and the problems of control in the Likud are making an agreement with the Palestinians impossible,” he said.

In response to the address, associates of Netanyahu's in the Prime Minister's Bureau said: "Anyone who thinks the Palestinian threat is bigger than the threat of an Iranian nuclear bomb is disconnected from reality and lacks strategic vision."

Yuval Diskin and Benjamin Netanyahu, in 2012.Credit: Michal Fattal

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