State Comptroller: Sensitive Installations Still Vulnerable to Rocket Attacks

Also found lagging are training schedules for IDF reservists, maintenance of equipment and vehicles.

Tomer Appelbaum

A number of sensitive installations in Israel remain vulnerable to rocket and missile attacks, three and a half years after a ministerial panel recommended better protection for them, the Israeli state comptroller reported Monday.

The comptroller published only an abstract and summary of a broader report to protect state security.

But several flaws that he identified in the previous report were never fixed, and most of the May 2011 recommendations of the Ministerial Committee on Home-Front Affairs about protecting sensitive installations were never carried out.

The report found that only a few installations defined as sensitive and requiring protection have been reinforced. However, other examinations from four months ago showed that progress has been made in this area.

The state comptroller’s report also found that the army was not meeting training schedules for reservists. And it found significant flaws in the maintenance of equipment in the reserve divisions, to the point of risk that the divisions would not be able to provide required support in emergencies.

An internal inquiry by the Technology and Logistics Directorate, which examined the maintenance array in the reserve divisions, found that the infrastructure in emergency storage units was in poor condition and all combat vehicles were behind in their periodic maintenance.

Another finding: For about six months, until November 2012, the army’s medical kits were past their expiration dates because no budget for keeping the equipment current had been provided.

This led to gaps in fitness among units at the start of Operation Pillar of Defense, even though the army had been in the same situation six years previously, when the Second Lebanon War began.

“The army welcomes the state comptroller’s report, is studying its main points and will learn the required lessons,” an official from the IDF Spokesperson’s Office said.

Regarding protection for sensitive installations in Israel against rockets and missiles, the official said, “The Home Front Command’s estimate of the time required to reinforce the installations under discussion refers only to the amount of time it will take to carry out the reinforcement work. This estimate does not include topics that are the responsibility of the government ministries and the privately owned companies.”